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Send e-mail using Mailgun / Mandrill / Sendgrid

It's really easy to send an e-mail from nodum. To send e-mail a valid API key needs to be configured in the project of one of the following mailproviders:

The mailprovider you wish to use needs to be specified under the [general] section in the configuration of the project:

    ; ... Some stuff is already here
    mailprovider    = "mailgun" ; Or: mandrill, or sendgrid

"DEMO" mailprovider

When a new project is created the mailprovider is set to demo. With the demo mailprovider you can send actual mail, but only for testing. No matter which recipient you enter, the mail will always be send to the address of the project owner.

For each provider a mailprovider specific configuration needs to be placed in the config; the credentials you need to specify are determined by the mailprovider used for your account.

    defaultfrommail = ""
    defaultfromname = "John Doe (iPublications)"
    apikey          = "key-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
    domain          = ""
    throwexception  = 1
    defaultfrommail = ""
    defaultfromname = "John Doe (iPublications)"
    apikey          = "2dKYxxxxxxxH7ldLmhJqDsw"
    defaulttag      = "testing"
    throwexception  = 1
    defaultfrommail = ""
    defaultfromname = "Nodum Mailmaster"
    apikey          = "XY.zxcc.Qcccwese-Poiuy-xDksssshs9563jHsgsfaaaaaaa"
    throwexception  = 1

The throwexception set up can be set to 1 or 0, and determines whether an error is shown to the visitor when sending an e-mail is deemed not possible due to an error at the mailprovider. In case this value is set as 1 an error will be displayed, when it's set as 0 nothing will be displayed (but the e-mail is not send either).

See: mail.set( )

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mail.set( )