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What is a project

With nodum you work on projects. A project can be seen as something that is a planned set of interrelated tasks to be executed over a fixed period.
You could make a website, portal with 2 factor authentication, or a CMS system as a project. For one client you can have multiple web applications within one project.
A project can have only one custom domain name.
If you don't want or need to have a custom domain nodum is hosting your project, with this included is an SSL certificate and security through Incapsula Imperva.

A project in nodum contains a built-in MongoDB-database. The storages limitations are:

  • MongoDB database storage 500 MB

It also has a storage for assets, files like PDF, JPG, ZIP etc. The storages limitations are:

  • Media storage 1000 MB

If you want more storage than you connect external software or tools like sFTP server, dropbox etc., with nodum it is very easy to make a connection with external access devices through Webdav.

Live project vs. non live project
Usually you start a project with a development path. Only when it's completely finished will it actually become live. That's why nodum differentiates between live and non live projects.

Non live projects
Project that are still in development are known as 'non live projects'. These projects can only be visited when you're logged on to nodum or when you've invited someone. This person can log on to the project based on their e-mail address and a generated code. Projects that haven't gone live yet are free of charge and every user receives five of these projects.

Live projects
You can go live with a project by going to the code editor and select 'Live/Test'. Here you can choose to make a project live or undo this. Projects that are put live are instantly available to everyone on the internet. Live projects also feature several extra functions in nodum, like web hooks and planned tasks. You can also connect your own domain name to the nodum project!

Main or copied project
In the upper right corner of the project you can see a small icon of a rocket or of a copy. The rocket stands for the main project and the copy image means it's a copied project of the main project.

Alter project icon
On the dashboard you can alter the project icon. Hover with the cursor on the project image en click on the photo icon in the upper right corner of the image. If you already have an image on your clipboard, just use ctrl + v or cmd + v to paste the image.