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What is is an online code editor with an integrated database and fast access to well known APIs.

Nodum is an aPaaS platform (application Platform as a Service) in which a user can create a project and work on it. Nodum takes care of the hosting, security and standard installation of your project so you can instantly start developing your brilliant idea!

Nodum provides (fast) links between different platforms so programming will become a lot faster for diehard programmers. Nodum is a relatively simple design which makes is possible for consultants and designers (who are usually no programmers but do have the same knowledge or way of thinking) to build web applications, links and integrations. The platform works on the basis of projects. For each project the user has their own environment with dedicated HTML, CSS, and Javascript code to their disposal.

By means of Twig syntax, frontend code can be combined with logic, and the user is completely free to do whatever they want. Within nodum several APIs are available that make linking with external packages possible. Frontend and backend development come together in the console as one clear distinct syntax. These APIs and straightforward syntax make it possible for nodum to offer convenience in developing any link you want. In short, nodum is a clear platform that links own code, free use of frameworks, and the possibility to use external libraries with the ease of APIs, integrated databases and automatic routing on a ready made system. Nodum helps you achieve more in less time.